The 4th Workshop on Organic Electronics and Nanophotonics (WOREN) 2016 provides an interdisciplinary forum for scientists working in the field of molecular and polymeric materials with emphasis on new phenomena in electronics and nanophotonics.

At the occasion of WOREN 2016, the EXCILIGHT consortium held their first project meeting that included the participation of the newly recruited PhD students.

Several of our supervisors were invited lecturers at the conference and many, also including some of our PhD students, made active contributions (see below in the list of abstracts):

Author(s) Title
P. Audebert New functional electroactive tetrazine derivatives; Electrochemistry fluorescence and applications.
M. Chapran, K. Ivaniuk, P. Stakhira, V. Cherpak, D. Volyniuk, A. Michaleviciute, A. Tomkeviciene, L. Voznyak, J. Grazulevicius The difference of electro-optical properties of exciplex type OLEDs based on a starburst carbazole derivative and hole-blocking layer depending on the technologies of fabrication.
P. Chulkin, P. Data

Electrochemical Impedance Spectroscopy of p-Phenylene Based Compounds as a Tool for Predicting their Performance as OLED’s Working Component.

H. Cole, P. Pander, P. Data, A. Monkman

Spectro- and electroluminescence of a blue emitting TADF compound.

P. Data, R. Motkya, P. Pander Novel exciplex emitters for OLED.
R. S. Nobuyasu, J. S. Ward, J. Santos, A. S. Batsanov, P. Data, M. Fox, A. Monkman, M. R. Bryce, F. B. Dias Photophysics of TADF Materials: Activation of efficient TADF by Engineering of Molecular conformation.
J. Grazulevicius Organic bipolar molecular materials for organic light emitting diodes.
K. Karon, A. Brzeczek, R. Jędrysiak, M. Lapkowski, K. Walczak Optical and electrochemical properties of triphenylamine- carbazole molecules with star shaped architecture and their oligomers.
M. Lapkowski, S. Pluczyk, P. Zassowski, A. Kurowska, P. Data, R. Jędrysiak, R. Reghu, J. Grazulevicios

The electrochemical and spectroelectrochemical investigations of an ambipolar organic molecules for (opto)electronics applications.

B. Luszczynska, P. Bujak, G. Gabka, T. Klab, B. Dupont, J. Ulanski

Influence of ligands on optoelectronic properties of AgInZnS ecofriendly type nanocrystals.

C. Amruth, Y. N. Mohapatra

Fabrication of Polymer Memories based on P (VDF-TrFE) and its blends.

P. Pander, P. Data, A. Kudelko, M. Lapkowski, F. B. Dias, A. Monkman

Novel oxadiazole-based acceptors for exciplex OLEDs.

R. Pashazadeh, M. Soheilizad, M. Adib

Efficient Fluorescent Material Based on 4H, 7H-[1,2,4,5] Tetraazino: Synthesis, Structure, and Properties.

D. Pereira, A. Pinto, A. Marques, J. Gomes, L. Pereira

Control of a White Organic Light Emitting Diode emission parameters using a single doped RGB active layer.

S. Pluczyk, P. Zassowski, M. Lapkowski, C. Quinton, P. Audebert, V. Alain-Rizzo

The relationship between the chemical structure and electrochemical and spectroelectrochemical properties of 3, 6-disubstituted-s-tetrazine derivatives.

P. J. Skabara

Macromolecular and monodisperse organic semiconductors for photonic Applications.

X. Tan, J. Park, J. Y. Ma, Y. Kim

Synthesis and Characterization of New Tercopolymer for OTFTs with Thienothiophene Thiophene and Fluorene Units.

G. Wiosna-Salyga, E. Witkowska, B. Luszczynska, I. Glowacki, I. Kownacki, B. Marciniec, J. Ulanski

Energy transfer in host-guest emissive layers based on new heavy metal complexes.

I. Glowacki, G. Wiosna-Salyga, Z. Szamel, J. Ulanski Spectrally resolved thermoluminescence versus electroluminescence of PVK doped with 1 wt% of Ir(btp)2(acac).
M. Vasylieva, P. Data, M. Lapkowski

Electrochemical investigation of exciplex emitters for OLED application.