About the WorkshopDepartment of Physics

This workshop is designed to allow people from a diverse range of backgrounds to learn, discuss and experience the development of the TADF mechanism and other related research.

According to workshop chair Marc Etherington, the workshop has been titled “Maximising the RISC” for a number of reasons: Firstly, the current accepted model is that reverse intersystem crossing is fundamental to the TADF process; secondly, it is hoped that this workshop will help maximise the exchange of knowledge, impact and the reach of everyone involved; and thirdly, trying to organise a one-day workshop in less than six months is a pretty risky endeavour.

This workshop is highly relevant for our project, and members of the committee include Przemyslaw Data, project coordinator of EXCILIGHT, and Andrew Monkman, PhD supervisor in EXCILIGHT.

Great opportunity for EXCILIGHT!

The workshop took place in the Physics Department at Durham University. Hence, this event not only provided a great opportunity for all involved in the EXCILIGHT project to engage with TADF, but also to get to know the city of Durham alongside their fellow EXCILIGHT-researchers.

Some impressions from the workshop

Andrew MonkmanFernando Dias










You can find further information directly on the workshop's homepage.