"The first edition of the International TADF Symposium is intended to provide a professional forum for industry and academia experts. During the symposium all aspects related to research and development of TADF OLED materials, from modeling through synthesis to analytics and device fabrication, will be covered and discussed in several lectures." (tadf.symposium.com)

The event was hosted by EXCILIGHT partner organisation Cynora GmbH and hosted EXCILIGHT's Andy Monkman as one of the speakers at the symposium. Andy Monkman gave a presentation on Photophysics entiteled "Vibrational coupling in thermally activated delayed fluorescence, how resonance between energy levels yields 100% efficient OLEDs". 

The TADF Symposium took place in the Hilton City Center Hotel in Frankfurt.



  • TADF Introduction with Prof. Eli Zysman-Colman (University of St Andrews)
  • Simulation and Modeling with Prof. Thomas Penfold (Newcastle University) & Prof. Christel Marian (Heinrich-Heine-University Düsseldorf)
  • Photophysics with Prof. Andy Monkman (Durham University) & Prof. Sebastian Reineke (TU Dresden)
  • Synthesis and devices with Prof. Jun Yeob Lee (Sungkyunkwan University) & Prof. J.J. Kim (Seoul National University)
  • OLED Market with Yoshio Tamura
  • OLED Industry with Jinook Kim (Head of Material Research Division LG Display) & Sunghan Kim (Samsung Electronics)
  • Status Blue TADF Materials with Dr. Thomas Baumann (CSO CYNORA)
  • Poster Session

The detailed program is available here.