Information and EXCILIGHT schedule

The first annual EXCILIGHT days were connected to the Baltic Polymer Symposium (BPS) in Klaipeda, Lithuania. While the BPS started on 22 September 2016, the EXCILIGHT consortium members had already arrived on the evening of 19 September. The welcome party had already been organised, which definitely made for a great opportunity to meet and greet in a relaxed atmosphere. The official part of the first EXCILIGHT days kicked off the next morning with the program for EXCILIGHT members being as follows:

  • 19 September
Arrival and EXCILIGHT welcome reception
  • 20 September
Researchers Day: ESR presentations of work progress
  • 21 September

Business Day: Transferable Skills training

Networking Day: Project management & Board Meetings

  • 22-23 September
Science Days: Participation in the programme of the Baltic Polymer Symposium (BPS)










Dr Johannes Ripperger (ACCEL) held a transferable skills workshop on research project management, which was very useful for all ESRs – not only for their work in EXCILIGHT, but also future research projects.

Academic Agenda

During the BPS, all aspects of modern polymer science were covered, including:

  • Synthesis
  • Processing
  • Recycling
  • Composites
  • Nanotechnologies