Durham UniversityLecturer at the Department of Physical Chemistry and Technology of Polymers, Silesian University of Technology.

Experienced Research Fellow at the Department of Physics, University of Durham.


Dr Przemyslaw Data started his scientific research work during his PhD studies in Silesian University of Technology in Poland. During PhD studies he investigated the electrochemical, spectroscopic and spectroelectrochemical of conducting polymers which resulted in 11 articles in highly ranked electrochemical journals. During his PhD studies he also received many awards including the J. Binkiewicz Award for Scientific Achievements and Innovative Young Researcher Award and also he received funding for his own scientific project “Investigation of photo and electroactivity of polymeric derivatives of selenophenes and tellurophenes for optoelectronic application” funded by Polish National Science Centre. Dr. Przemyslaw Data Doctoral Dissertation received an “Outstanding” mark from the his University and also recently he received the J. Binkiewicz Award for Outstanding Doctoral Dissertation and also more importantly the Polish Prime Ministry Award for Outstanding Doctoral Dissertation. Finally Dr. Przemyslaw Data is a very active and successful editor of a number of research projects. It should be mentioned that he was the main editor and administer of European project "BIOMOLEC" and he received three individual grants “Preludium” (Polish National Science Centre), “Iuventus Plus” and “Mobility Plus” (Polish Ministry of Science and Higher Education). Thanks to “Mobility Plus” program, he was able to visit prof. Andy Monkman laboratory to start a mutual cooperation. Thanks to that cooperation, his fast learning and going beyond of topic, he was able to well connect his Electrochemical knowledge with designing of new molecules and new OLED devices. He use that knowledge to use exciplex effect which is by many scientists considered as undesired, destructive process diminishing OLED efficiency and he was able to design and formed exciplex based heavy atom free OLED devices which had 100% efficiency.


Coordinator of the project, Co-supervisor of PhD 2

Key Publications: