Centre for Nanotechnology and Smart Materials (CeNTI)

Lecturer in Material Physics at Durham University; International Coordinator, Physics Department, UDUR; Chair of the Health & Safety Committee, Physics Department, UDUR.


Fernando was appointed as a lecturer in Material Physics at Durham University in 2013. He published so far more than 50 papers, with more than 1,400 citations and has supervised in total 17 MPhys students, 4 postdoctoral and various international visiting researchers. His research extends over different aspects of the spectroscopy of organic compounds, focusing on the molecular photophysics, for application on photonic and optoelectronic devices.

Current research and projects

Fernando’s current research is centred on the investigation of the excited state dynamics that involve triplet states in organic materials, aiming to investigate mechanisms that support the observation of thermal activated delayed fluorescence (TADF); photon up-conversion, due to triplet-triplet annihilation; dual fluorescence-phosphorescence at room temperature (RT-DFP), in metal-free organic materials; and reverse saturable absorption, under non-coherent illumination.

One of Fernando’s most recent works in TADF materials, published in “Advanced Materials” in 2013, received more than 140 citations and gave origin to a project funded by EPSRC that aims to investigate TADF materials for application in OLEDs.

Fernando is partner in national and international research projects, including those funded by H2020, where several international academics and industrial partners are involved, and maintains several ongoing collaborations at international and national levels.


Main supervisor of PhD 12 and co-supervisor of PhD 11 and PhD 14.

Key Publications: