Centre for Nanotechnology and Smart Materials (CeNTI)Director of the University of Durham Photonic Materials Centre; head of the Organic Electroactive Materials research group


Professor Andrew Monkman joined Durham University in 1988 and was appointed to a personal Chair in 2002. He runs the OEM research group focussing on the study of the optical properties of organic semiconductors, with specially focus on organic solid state lighting. The research group has a sophisticated array of spectroscopic techniques ranging from 15 fsec time resolution time resolved laser measurements to the ability to study the weakest phosphorescent processes. Many dedicated spectroscopic techniques have been developed for the study of triplet exciton dynamics, triplet annihilation processes and thermally activated delayed fluorescence, in organic materials. The group has developed these optical measurements to enable the studies of OLED devices as well as materials and thus provide a deeper understanding of how OLEDs produce light. The group currently focuses on triplet harvesting using the TADF mechanism. They have developed the photophysical characterisation of this mechanism and are developing new methods to further understand the details of reverse intersystem crossing and the excited state involved in the triplet harvesting. They have identified three distinct regimes of TADF and shown that the original ideas of the TADF mechanism are incorrect. This is helping them design much more efficient TADF materials and TADF devices.


Main supervisor of PhD 11 and co-supervisor of PhD 12 and PhD 14

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