The Scientific Advisory Board (SAB), consisting of key senior experts with well-established track records, ensures the quality standards of the individual Personal Career Development Plans and checks their implementation by yearly revision and approval. Further, the SAB:

  • Evaluates the progress of the PhD plan and when appropriate recommends adjustments;
  • Analyses any potential or existing problems or bottlenecks in the project; and
  • Advises the Supervisory Board on strategic issues regarding research, training and collaborations.

The following highly ranked scientists have confirmed their participation in our Scientific Advisory Board:
1. Prof. Seth Marder, Georgia Tech (US); Chemical synthesis and theoretical analysis (WP1)
2. Dr. Youhei Takeda, Osaka University (JP); Chemical synthesis (WP1)
3. Prof. Jean Roncali, University of Angers (FR); Chemical synthesis (WP1)
4. Prof. Philippe Hapiot, Université of Rennes 1 (FR); Electrochemical analysis (WP2)
5. Prof. Guglielmo Lanzani, Polytechnic University of Milan (IT); Photophysics analysis (WP2)
6. Prof. Joseph Lakowicz, University of Maryland (USA); Fundamental of photoluminescence (WP2)
7. Prof. Mario Beberan-Santos, University of Lisbon (PT); Photophysics theory (WP2)
8. Prof. Donal Bradley, Imperial College London (UK); Device fabrication and characterisation (WP3)
9. Dr. Jeremy Burroughs, Cambridge Display Technology (UK); Device fabrication and characterisation (WP3)