EXCILIGHT research:

Oleh will synthesise new orthogonal cross-conjugated molecules featuring a cruciform-type core for the attachment of two conjugated oligomer chains.


Universitty of StrathclydeUniversity of Strathclyde (UOS),
Department of Pure and Applied Chemistry
[up to 31 Dec 2017]


University of Glasgow (UOG),
School of Chemistry
[after 1 Jan 2018]University of Glasgow

Supervisory Team:

Prof Peter Skabara (UOS), Dr Inigo Jesuraj (UOS), Prof Seth Marder (external; SAB member)

Scientific background:

2009: Bronze medal in the 41st International Chemistry Olympiad, Cambridge (UK)

2009-2013: Bachelor's degree in Organic Chemistry, from Taras Shevchenko National University of Kyiv, Kyiv (Ukraine). Research project: "Michael addition of heteronucltophilic substances to N–Ar substututed maleimides: green approach"

2013-2014: Master's degree in Organic Chemistry, from Moltech Anjou, Angers (France). Research project: "Solution-processable thienoisoindigo-based molecular donors for organic solar cells with high open-circuit voltage"