EXCILIGHT research:

Anastasiia will synthesise new star-shaped conjugated molecules featuring a central core for the attachment of three or more conjugated ‘arms’, a combination of electron-rich and electron-deficient conjugated arms, as so-called ‘donor-acceptor’ components, choice of conjugated and non-conjugated links between the arms via the cores.


University of Strathclyde (UOS),
Department of Pure and Applied Chemistry
[up to 31 Dec 2017]University of Strathclyde


University of Glasgow (UOG),
School of Chemistry
[after 1 Jan 2018]University of Glasgow

Supervisory Team:

Prof Peter Skabara (UOS), Dr Inigo Jesuraj (UOS), Prof Youhei Takeda (external; SAB member)

Scientific background:

Bachelor's Degree: Chemical Technology of Organic Compounds, Ukrainian State University of Chemical Technology, Ukraine, Dnipropetrovsk (2006-2010)

Master’s Degree: Fine Chemistry, Univesity of Maine, Le Mans, France (2012-2014); Graduation project: Enantio- and diastereoselective synthesis of oxygenated analogs of proline by 1,3-dipolar cycloaddition.

Internship at the Laboratory of Innovation in Surface Chemistry and Nanosciences, CEA-Saclay (2015): Bottom-up synthesis of graphene nanoparticles.