The EXCILIGHT work plan will allow our PhD students to gain experience working with all stages of the industrial chain from materials production to lighting manufacture in tandem with their academic studies. They will also have the chance to broaden their expertise by spending time in Partner research labs, experiencing different research environments and cultures, and becoming well-rounded ‘European’ scientists. Their training will be undertaken in some of the world`s key laboratories for OLED research and in Europe’s major OLED companies.

Number Name Project title Institute
PhD 1 Marharyta Vasilieva Electrochemical and spectroelectrochemical characterisation of exciplex layers and pure materials SUT
PhD 2 Pavel Chulkin Characterisation of charge carriers and conductivity of an exciplex layer in comparison to pure materials SUT
PhD 3 Anastasia Klimash Donor-acceptor 2-D star-shaped conjugated macromolecules based on truxene and similar cores UOS
PhD 4 Oleh Vybornyi  Cruciforms and dendralenes as cross-conjugated, orthogonal structures for optimised thermally assisted delayed fluorescence UOS
PhD 5 Xiaofeng Tan Design, synthesis, and characterisation of electroactive compounds with electron-donor chromophores and/or multichromphoric structures for light-emitting exciplexes KTU
PhD 6 Ramin Pashazadeh Design, synthesis, and characterisation of electroactive compounds with electron-acceptor chromophores and/or multichromophoric structures for light-emitting exciplexes KTU
PhD 7 Yangyang Qu Synthesis of novel conjugated fluorescent electron-acceptor derivatives CNRS
PhD 8 Antonio Maggiore Spectroscopic characterisation of tetrazine derivatives and their exciplex blends CNRS
PhD 9 Amruth C Adaptation of inkjet printing technique for OLED fabrication TUL
PhD 10 Marian Chapran Laboratory fabrication of OLEDs and determination of exciplex morphology on device work parameters TUL
PhD 11 Daniel Pereira Development of multicolour exciplex OLEDs for lighting applications UDUR
PhD 12 Piotr Pander Spectroscopic Characterisation of Donor-Acceptor Materials in Exciplex layers UDUR
PhD 13 Manish Kumar Formation of exciplex based OLEDs on flexible substrates and scale up of the devices CENTI
PhD 14 Marco Colella Lifetime & degradation of exciplex OLEDs Ossila
PhD 15

Gintautas Šimkus

Preparation, characterisation and encapsulation of OLEDs processed using OVPD AIXTRON