About Krutyn Summer School

The 19th International Krutyn Summer School 2016 was organized by the Institute of Physical Chemistry of the Polish Academy of Sciences, Poland, The Hong Kong University of Science & Technology, and The South China University of Technology.

The event provided an excellent opportunity for the EXCILIGHT members to meet in a professional but relaxed atmosphere in order to discuss the advancements of the project and bond as a group.

Top experts in the field of advanced photonic materials delivered lectures and consulting sessions designed for PhD students and young researchers. The summer school was intended both for people already active in this R&D field, as well as for those new to the field.

Attendance of the 19th Krutyn Summer School was mandatory for all EXCILIGHT PhD students.

Academic agenda

This edition of the Krutyn Summer School focused on the following academic research and technological aspects:

  • Organic optoelectronic materials
  • Mechanochromic materials 
  • Organic biocompatible nanomaterials 
  • Organic room-temperature phosphorescent materials 
  • Non-conventional luminescent materials

You can find the full scientific programme and the invited lecturers via the links.

Some impressions

Informal EXCILIGHT meetingKayakingCampfireProf A. Pucci giving a presentation