Amruth C's (PhD 9) manuscript titled "Inkjet printing of thermally activated delayed fluorescence (TADF) dendrimer for OLEDs applications" has just been accepted in Org. Electronics

The inkjet printing technique for manufacturing electronics counts benefits such as high accuracy in drop placement, less material wastage, ability to deliver small volumes of material, non-contact and mask free deposition.

This article introduces the inkjet printing of TADF OLEDs with fully solution processed organic layers. Newly developed triazine core carbazole dendrimer with tert-butyl group at periphery (tBuG2TAZ) is used as the TADF emitting layer.

The patterning technique, the device structure, and the materials presented in this work are promising candidates for the future technology of printed OLEDs. Such OLEDs are expected to find various applications, including signage, wearable electronics, and advertising boards.

Large Area Inkjet Printed TADF OLEDs Emitting  Greenish Light under a Voltage Bias of 5 V


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