The SME Workshop on Organic Electronics (V Workshop on Flexible and Printed Electronics) took place on 17 November 2017 in Lodz, Poland. Among the participants were a number of supervisors and ESRs from the EXCILIGHT project.

EXCILIGHT’s Beata Łuszczyńska (TUL) was the workshop’s organiser. Several of EXCILIGHT’s beneficiaries also had representatives travel to Lodz in order to partake in the event. Jacek Ulanski (TUL), Marharyta Vasylieva (ESR1, SUT), Marian Chapran (ESR10, TUL) and Manish Kumar (ESR13, CENTI) were among the many participants.

The workshop was addressed to representatives of the industry, but also to students, PhD students, and scientists. The event presented the most recent industrial applications of organic electronics. Simultaneously, the workshop provided a great platform for networking, which may lead to fruitful future cooperation between current EXCILIGHT members and industry.

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