Each of our associated partners is instrumental in delivering the project and is responsible for one or several of the following tasks:

  • Provision of secondments in an industry environment
  • Access to and transfer of knowledge from academia to industry
  • Exploitation of results for future commercial applications
  • Co-supervision of PhD students
  • Awarding PhD degree to students hosted by non-academic partners (PhD13, PhD14, PhD15).

Consortium Member

Scientists in Charge


P1 – accelopment AG (ACCEL)

Dr Jeanette Müller

Dr Johannes Ripperger

Business and presentation skills

P2 – Cynora GmbH (CYNORA)

Dr Alhama Arjona-Esteban

Dr Daniel Volz

Secondments for 3 PhD students

P3 – Merck KGaA (Merck)

Dr Christof Pflumm

Secondments for 3 PhD students

P4 – Towarzystwo Elektrotechnologiczne Qwerty Sp. z o.o. (QWERTY)

MScEng Zbigniew Sieradzki

Secondments for 2 PhD students

P5 – University
of Aveiro
(UOA), Organic Semiconductors Laboratory

Prof Luiz Pereira

Secondments for 2 PhD students, PhD award for CENTI PhD student

P6 – RWTH Aachen University (RAU), Faculty of Electrical Engineering and Information Technology

Prof Michael Heuken

PhD award for AIXTRON PhD student